Terms and Conditions

Shenandoah Shuttles Contract

Agreement Effective Date: _________________

This document sets forth the terms and conditions of the agreement between ____[Client Name]____ (hereinafter referred to as “Client”) and Shenandoah Shuttles Incorporated. Client hereby agrees to hire the services of Shenandoah Shuttles Inc, in the capacity of providing transportation needs for ___[Event/Occasion]___ (hereinafter referred to as “Event”).


Booking and Payment:

Client agrees to book and pre-pay for the services of Shenandoah Shuttles Inc, for the Event with a down payment of __________. Any remaining balance must be paid in full prior to the Event.  If a vehicle needs to be added due to additional unexpected guests the client will be charged for the additional service.   Rates will be the cost based on the original booking per additional buses.
A service charge of 2.5% will be added for credit card payments for vendor fees.


Shenandoah Shuttles Inc, agrees to provide the following services:


Event Schedule:

Shenandoah Shuttles Inc,  will arrive at ___[pick-up location]___ on __[date]____ at ___[time]____ and will depart for the Event at ___[time]___. The return trip will take place on ___[date]____ at ___[time]___, with drop-off at ___[place]___.


Should Client wish to cancel any portion of the services provided under this agreement, they must do so, in writing, at least ___2___ week(s) prior to the Event. Should Client choose to cancel after this deadline, they will forfeit their entire down payment as payment for the cost of any services already rendered.

Transportation Service:

Shenandoah Shuttles Inc, agrees to furnish a qualified and experienced driver for the Event, up to the maximum of ___[number of passengers]___. The driver will be available to assist in any manner that is necessary, within reason and the law, and will conduct themselves professionally in a safe and courteous manner while over all services are provided under this Agreement.


Shenandoah Shuttles Inc, shall not be held liable for any actions or omissions by the driver during the course of the Event. Furthermore,  Shenandoah Shuttles Inc, shall not be held liable for any accidents or damages that may occur during the course of the Event. The Client assumes full responsibility and liability for any losses or damages, and shall indemnify Shenandoah Shuttles Inc, against any and all losses, damages, costs, and expenses, of any kind.

The following are rules on the bus and if broken could result in a loss of deposit.
• No smoking/or vaping - $200 fine
• If a passenger gets sick/ throws up on the bus.         there will be a cleaning fee min. $250

• No illegal drugs
• No underage drinking
• No standing on seats
• In order to prevent excessively large spills,
kegs and barrels of beer, or water coolers
filled with liquids are prohibited
• Guests are welcome to bring their own
alcohol beverages and enjoy them while
riding the bus. However, guests may not carry
open containers of alcohol onto OR off the bus. Unless otherwise  permitted by venue.

• If you do spill, please clean it up right away.
• No guns and knives
• While the bus is in motion, passengers must
sit or stand behind the driver
• If you wish to bring food you may. Please, no
foods that will leave permanent odors such as
fish. Jello Shots are allowed but please clean
up the mess
• No glitter and confetti
• Standing while bus is in motion could result
in passenger injury. Shenandoah Shuttles Inc 
is not responsible for any injuries due to a
passenger who stands while the bus is in

The driver inspects each vehicle before, during, and after each rental. In the event of damage, the
customer shall be responsible for any repairs or cleaning. The following will result in automatic loss of
your deposit:
• Cracked or Broken Windows
• Smoking Burns
• Damage to Seats
• Damage to Lights, TV, or Stereo Equipment
• Excessively Spilled Fluids • Any Bio-hazardous          Fluid Left Behind


It is agreed and fully understood that this document contains the entire Agreement between the Client and Shenandoah Shuttles Inc and that this Agreement is binding on both parties.

I have read and understand the terms of the Shenandoah Shuttles Incorporated Rental Agreement.
Please return this form with your $100 refundable deposit per bus/ $200 per bus for Wedding Bookings. (refund is void within 14 days of the Event)

Signature: __________________________________
Bus Size: □ 14 Passenger Bus □ 20/22 Passenger Bus
Printed Name: _______________________________ Phone:____________________________
Today's Date: ________________________________ Rental Date: _______________________
Start Time: __________________________________
Pickup Address: ______________________________
Drop Off Time: _______________________________
Drop Off Address: _____________________________

Credit Card on file for additional charges as noted in above contact - Client will be notified before additional charges are processed

Name: ________________________________

Number: _____________________________

Month/Year: ________

CCV: ________